Welcome to Rock County marriages!

January 12, 2010

Welcome to our marriage site for Rock county Nebraska and the films are all indexed for this county.  This one is dedicated to the memory of  our good friend, Hal Hallgrimson by members of the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society.  His family purchased several sets of Nebraska county marriage licenses as a memorial to him, and since he was such an avid genealogist, I’m working on indexing marriages from one of his home counties in his memory.  May he be enjoying meeting all those whose names he recorded here in life.

Rock county, Nebraska is a county with a relatively small population, just below Keya Paha county on the South Dakota border.  There’s only two rolls of film available for the county, and some of the earliest marriages are mixed in with the larger Brown county to the west.  There’s also a record of them in the Rock county records, but they are typewritten.  Later we’ll investigate if there are still duplicate records in Brown county.  At the moment, we’re still working on a method of cross referencing the material that may well appear in both of the counties, but involve Rock county residents, since there’s a reference in the county records.

IT  MAY BE important for you to remember that people often traveled to other counties/states to marry, for whatever reason.  Already, I’ve found references to other home residences in the Rock county records.  If you can’t find the ones you’re looking for where you expect them, check other counties.  Some of the marriages so far, even list other states as the residence.

IF  YOU  WANT  A  COPY of a license listed here, you can visit Rock county, or the W. Dale Clark Library in Omaha where we have a growing collection of Nebraska county marriage licenses.  You can write to W. Dale Clark Library where they can do 3 copies per week per person (from any of our web sites) for $20 and mail or email them out to you.  Or you can contact G.O.G.S. (P.O. Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104 or gogsresearch@gmail.com to have members collect the certificate copies for you.  ($5/certificate copy or other copied info from any of our web sites and they can be mailed or emailed to you.)    FYI: money from our research beyond expenses goes into more materials to build the genealogy collection so that all genealogists can find more ancestors.

Happy hunting.